Sunday, April 20, 2014

Arguments that have been tried (trespassing)

1. Judy Bello cited, in closing [ video and transcript ]
  As to our right to be there
  a. the U.S. Constitution,
      -the 1st amendment, clauses "speech" and "assembly"
  As to our need to be there viz ongoing criminal activity
  a. New York State Penal Code
      -35.05, Subsection 1 - necessity (is required by law)
  b. U.S. Constitution,
      -Article VI, clause "treaties are the (supreme) law of the land"
  d. Kellogg Briand Treaty
      -Article I - condemn war
      -Article II - parties will never resort to war
  c. the Nuremberg Judgement
      -war is illegal
  e. the Hague Convention IV (1907)
      -Martens Clause [ cf Geneva Conv '77 Protocol I, art 1 para 2]

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